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Brexit Q&A

We are receiving a growing number of inquiries from customers, many of whom have developed feedback forms, each requesting differing levels of detail.

With our large customer portfolio and a vast product range, we are not able to respond to such requests on an individual basis. We are analysing the requests we receive and will update this page with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In most cases, it will not be possible to provide definitive responses until the UK Government has concluded its discussions with the European Union. We are reviewing the Government’s ‘technical notices’ as they are published and will be updating these FAQs, as appropriate, over the coming days and weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sil-Mid Limited

Last Updated: 14th October 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will Silmid pass on any additional cost from duties and tariffs as price increases to its customers?

As with all cost increases, Silmid will always seek to minimise the impact on our customers.

Q2. Will lead times increase because of Brexit?

Any additional customs processes required at UK borders may have repercussions on the transit time for goods into and out of the UK. Silmid’s supply chain management is always working to ensure we minimise any such delays and reduce any impact this may have on our customers.

Q3. Can Silmid guarantee that the products customers currently buy will still be available to purchase in the UK after Brexit?

Silmid is continuously reviewing and adjusting its product catalogue, however, there are no plans to make any portfolio changes as a direct result of the Brexit process. Should the availability of any products be affected by Brexit, this will be communicated downstream to the relevant customers as soon as it becomes apparent.

Q4. Is Silmid stockpiling inventory ahead of 31st October 2019 in order to ensure continuity of supply?

As a leading stockist / distributor, Silmid is always assessing market demands and stocking policies to ensure we have sufficient product available to meet our customers' needs. Customers should advise us of any products that they feel are business critical and make a decision on what if any stock is required to reduce risk of short supply.

Q5. If freight costs go up after Brexit, would this mean price rises for customers?

Silmid operates within a competitive environment and will always work to minimise costs and, wherever possible, limit the impact on customers through price increases.

Q6. If Sterling falls significantly against the US Dollar and/or the Euro after Brexit, would this affect Silmid's pricing to UK customers?

Silmid Limited operates within a competitive environment, so will always work to minimise costs and, wherever possible, limit the impact on customers through price increases.

Q7. Is Silmid ready for a 'No-Deal' Brexit?

Silmid is closely monitoring the negotiations and the Silmid management team reviews all business risks regularly. We aim to provide clear communication as the situation unfolds to help ensure that our customers have continued access to the products we supply.

Q8. Could Brexit have a negative impact on Silmid's service levels to customers?

Silmid constantly strives to provide the highest possible service levels for its customers. Brexit will not change this.

Q9. Does Silmid have an EORI number and are you signed up for the 'Transistional Simplified Procedure' (TSP)?

Yes, Silmid does have an EORI number and we have put additional resources into our export compliance team to ensure we have adequate coverage for any changes to regulations or procedures, we also have applied and obtained a TSP Number.

Further Support

For further support on Brexit or any other questions leading up to for following the October 31st deadline, please contact you account manager or contact us via our website.