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Solder Vaculoy Chunks 63/37 25kg

Solder Vaculoy Chunks 63/37 25kg
Vaculoy is manufactured using high purity raw materials and the alloy is conditioned using Alpha’s VACULOY viscosity and dross lowering treatment. This results in a pure low dross high fluidity solder alloy, which is free of cast in impurities and included oxides.
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  • VACULOY treated prior to casting: this removes finely divided suspended oxides that are found in all virgin raw materials. This increases the fluidity and hence soldering defects.
  • The remove of the finely divided oxide reduces drossing rate, the wave stays cleaner, longer.
  • Has a proven track record; no need to take chances.


  • VACULOY is the ideal companion product for all wave soldering systems. VACULOY is idea for the following types of applications:
  • High volume wave soldering processes
  • Applications requiring dual wave and chip wave systems
  • Boards that are densely populated
  • A solder pot temperature of 240-250? is recommended. For suitable wave solder fluxes, please see our selector guide. Reclaim services, including dedicated lead-free containers, are also available. Please consult your local sales office.

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