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Electrolube BLR Red 15ml Bottle

Electrolube BLR Red 15ml Bottle
BLR and BLV are single part, air-drying, tamper evident seals for screws, nuts, tuneable items and other “factory fixed” components where evidence of unauthorised access is required. 
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Features of Electrolube BLR:

  • One-part, fast drying tamper evident seal; available in red (BLR) or green (BLV) colours
  • Ideal for sealing screws, nuts and tuneable items to show if changes to factory settings have occurred
  • Provides good anti-fungal properties; resistant to mould growth
  • Suitable for showing if settings have moved during transportation, etc.; ideal for rotary controls 

BLR/BLV should be applied directly onto the component with the brush contained in the lid of the bottle (15ml sizes) or directly from the syringe (BLR10SL). It should be applied in an even film in sufficient quantity to be easily visible. The coating will be tack free after 10 minutes but remains flexible for up to 24 hours. This is to allow fine tuning. After this time the seal will become brittle and any interference or tampering will break the seal and become self-evident. BLR/BLV is usually removed mechanically, however it can also be removed or surfaces cleaned using Electrolube Ultrasolve, ULS. Please check plastics compatibility prior to use. 

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