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Momentive RTV 103 FDA Silicone Sealant Black 82.8ml (85gm) Tube *MIL-A-46106B Type 1

Momentive RTV 103 FDA Silicone Sealant Black 82.8ml (85gm) Tube *MIL-A-46106B Type 1
Momentive RTV103 is a one component, ready-to-use adhesive sealant and is extremely versatile.
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  • They cure to a tough, durable, resilient silicone rubber on exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. Acetic acid vapors are released from the sealant surface as a by-product of cure
  • RTV102, RTV103, RTV108 and RTV109 sealants are standard strength paste consistency products which can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces where pourable/self-leveling sealants are not practical
  • RTV112 and RTV118 sealants are self-leveling products which are preferable to paste-consistency sealants when flow into small crevices and hard-to-reach places is desired. RTV106 sealant is paste-consistency sealant. RTV116 sealant is a self-leveling sealant.
  • Both RTV106 and RTV116 sealants are standard strength high-temperature sealants. Since all these sealants utilize a moisture cure system, they must not be used in thicknesses of greater than 6mm (1/4 in.). Where section depths exceed 6mm (1/4 in.), GE Silicones one component, addition cure or two-component silicone rubber compounds are recommended.

Key Performance Properties

  • One-component products
  • Capability to cure at room temperature and ambient humidity
  • Self adhesion properties
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • High temperature performance
  • Excellent weatherability and ozone
  • Excellent ozone and chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties


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