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ROCOL RAPID DEMULSE 220 is a non-toxic, ISO VG 220, high performance gearbox lubricant particularly designed for applications where water ingress into the gearbox is inevitable. Lire la suite
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A typical application is in water cooled homogenisers. The RAPID DEMULSE 220 rapidly splits from the water enabling the water to be drained from the gearbox periodically, leaving the oil to continue lubricating.

RAPID DEMULSE 220 extends service life between oil changes as conventional oils emulsify into a creamy, frothy mix. This does not lubricate effectively, necessitating a premature oil change, which results in excessive oil and labour costs together with frequent, unnecessary downtime.

RAPID DEMULSE 220 is ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments where  NSF H1 lubricants are required.


  • RAPID DEMULSE 220 offers an excellent wide temperature resistance of -5°C to +130° C. 
  • RAPID DEMULSE 220 has excellent demulsification properties for rapid separation from water. 
  • High performance oil formulated to maximise lubricant lifetime, even under conditions of high load and elevated temperature. 
  • Non-toxic, NSF H1 registered oil for use where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur. 
  • RAPID DEMULSE 220 is a clean low odour product.

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