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Mobilgear OGL 009 Gear Lubricant 18Kg Pail

Silmid P/N: P0180005
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Mobilgear OGL 007, 009 and 461 are high performance advanced technology lubricants which incorporate both extreme pressure additives and finely dispersed graphite for load carrying. They are intended primarily for the lubrication of large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears. 

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 27101987
  • Country of Origin Egypt

Informations produits

Features of OGL-009:

  • Excellent pumpability and sprayability for thesemi-fluid NLGI 00 grades
  • Special formulation provides outstanding load-carrying and anti-wear properties
  • Absence of lead, nitrite and solvent
  • Very good adhesive nature of the product
  • Very good protection against rust and corrosion 

Shipping information

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