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Castrol Aero 35 Shock Strut Fluid Yellow 1USQ Can BMS3-25 Type I

Castrol Aero 35 Shock Strut Fluid Yellow 1USQ Can BMS3-25 Type I
Castrol Aeroâ„¢ 35 is a high quality, MIL-PRF-6083F based ISO Grade 15 mineral hydraulic fluid, containing antiwear agents and corrosion inhibitors. It also contains a shear stable viscosity index improver, anti-oxidant and an approved EP additive system which reduces martensitic streaking of landing gear outer cylinders and galling of shock strut upper bearings.
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  • This formulation is specially designed to reduce the "stick-slip" properties of MIL-PRF-6083F fluids. Aero 35 is available in dyed red (Douglas Aircraft DPM 6177) or straw/yellow (undyed) (Boeing Spec BMS 3-32B, Type I).
  • ApplicationAero 35 is specially designed for use in landing gear shock struts. Additionally, Aero 35 is compatible with approved MILPRF- 5606H and MIL-PRF-6083F hydraulic fluids.
  • It is not completely compatible with synthetic gas turbine lubricants nor with phosphate-ester hydraulic fluids.
  • It is compatible with other petroleum-based and synthesized hydrocarbon lubricants, but contamination should be avoided in order to maintain the unique properties of Aero 35.
  • This product is compatible with most seals, hoses, and paints, normally used in shock struts and dispensing equipment connected with this application.

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