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Electrolube CG53A Contact Treatment Grease 1Kg Tub

Electrolube CG53A Contact Treatment Grease 1Kg Tub
Electrolube Contact Treatment Grease CG53A is part of the ‘CG’ series of Contact Lubricants, designed as an extension of the extremely popular 2X range.
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The main advantages of these products are reduced contact resistance (even on extremely heavy usage), improved plastics compatibility and improved mechanical lubrication. In addition to providing low and stable contact resistance and improved mechanical lubrication properties, CG53A offers superior long term protection to contacts in corrosive environments. It is also an ideal lubricant for high voltage contacts. The plastics compatibility of this grease is very good although, as with all lubricants, it is always advisable to test prior to full scale production.


  • Excellent resistance to harsh environments; protects contacts from corrosion
  • Excellent electrical performance; ideal for high voltage contacts
  • Produces low and constant mV drop and contact resistance; ensures reliability of the contact
  • Provides optimal mechanical resistance and reduces electrical background noise

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