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Electrolube Sga Contact Treatment Grease in various sizes

Electrolube Sga Contact Treatment Grease in various sizes
The Electrolube 2 Range of contact lubricants was developed in response to a requirement for an effective treatment for all types of contacts, particularly in situations where extremes of temperature and environmental conditions are encountered.
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Features of SGA:

  • Excellent lubrication properties; spiral shaped molecules with effective length of 20 Angstrom units
  • Produces low and constant mV drop and contact resistance; low evaporative weight loss
  • Will loosen tarnish and corrosion, leaving a protective film to prevent further contamination.
  • High stable synthetic material; fully inhibited against copper corrosion and contains no silicone. 


This range includes SGA contact grease and SOA contact oil. SGA is a non-melting grease which will not migrate from vertical contacts or surfaces and will provide greater protection from atmospheric conditions than an oil.

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