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Ambersil DP200 400ml Aerosol

Ambersil DP200 400ml Aerosol
Ambersil DP 200 is a specialist air curing, dry film which provides a long lasting semi-permanent release coating. It is based on a high percentage mixture of silicone resins and provides a highly durable release film for many polymer types, natural and synthetic rubber and rotational moulding grades of Polythylene
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  • Cures on exposure to air and forms a semi-permanent coating which acts as an effective release agent in the rotational moulding industry
  • Also highly useful for moulding processes and materials where a durable, long lasting release film is
  • Can be used as mould seal or as a base coat for the subsequent application of other Ambersil mould release agents
  • Spray a light, even coating from 9" - 12" (25 - 30 cm) and leave to cure for approximately 10 minutes at room temperature
  • Curing can be accelerated by heating at 110°C for approximately 6 minutes, re-apply as necessary

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