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Ardrox 6376 Multi-Metal Alkaline Cleaner

Silmid P/N: VAR0001473
De €2990.98 (hors TVA) €3589.18 (TVA comprise)
Ardrox 6376 is a liquid multi-metal cleaner for tank immersion application. A blend of alkaline salts and wetting agents.

Technical Information

  • Commodity Code 34029090
  • Country of Origin United Kingdom

Informations produits

It is inhibited to safely remove oils, greases, and other production soils from aluminum, copper, magnesium and titanium. Ardrox 6376 can also be used to clean ferrous metals and is free-rinsing. Ardrox 6376 is free of APEO and phosphate. The product does not contain EDTA, NTA or their salts.


  • Appearance - Clear pale yellow liquid
  • Density - 1.04 g/ml at 20 degrees
  • Flash Point - Non flammable
  • pH - 12.6 
  • Various sizes

Store in a cool place, with protection from freezing conditions.  

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