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Britemor 760 Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant 25Lt

Britemor 760 Post Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant 25Lt
Britemor 760 Penetrant, the Britemor 700 series is an entirely new range of penetrants designed to meet the modern expectations of environmental and personal safety, as well as offering cost savings on transportation and disposal after use
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  • Safer and cleaner, the Britemor 700 series represents a step forward in penetrant formulation without sacrificing any of the performance associated with Britemor products
  • Free from nonylphenol ethoxylates


  • Britemor 760 is a stable solution of hydrocarbons, esters and fluorescent dyes
  • Contains no added sulphur, halogen or inorganic compounds
  • Is essentially ash free on ignition
  • Remains stable without precipitation or seperation
  • Good resistance to heat fade


  • Britemor 760 is a clear, mobile, yellow-green liquid in daylight and appears brilliant yellow under UVA light of 365 nm peak wavelength (black light)


  • Rolls Royce Omat 651
  • Society of Automotive Engineers AMS 2644 Type 1 Method C & D Level 3
  • SAFRAN Group  IN-5000
  • CEN ISO  EN ISO 3452-2
  • General Electric Commercial Engineers  GE Commercial Engines SPM Class D
  • ASME  Section V Article 6

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