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Ardrox 3140 (3302) in various sizes

Ardrox 3140 (3302) in various sizes
ARDROX 3140 is a dark brown, viscous liquid, which contains film forming agents, antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors in a refined hydrocarbon solvent base. It dries through various stages forming first a tacky film, then a soft film and finally, when solvent evaporation is complete, a firm, rubbery film.
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Code UN: UN3295 CL3 III
Quantité limitée: 5L
Dangereux pour le transport
Commodity Code: 34039900

The dark brown colour of the coating enables those areas of incomplete or light coverage to be easily seen. ARDROX 3140 provides long term protection for raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished components, which are to be stored or used in corrosive environments.

ARDROX 3140 provides a high standard of protection under conditions of high humidity and is therefore suitable for the protection of components, which are to be stored or transported in tropical climates. Coatings are resistant to rain and are therefore suitable for protection under conditions of outdoor storage.

ARDROX 3140 is not resistant to severe mechanical abrasion but the fully cured coatings will withstand normal handling operations.

Other applications include the protection of structural box sections and panelled areas of all road, rail and sea transport vehicles. deally, when used in this way, ARDROX 3140 should form part of a water removal and protection process. The first part of this process is the elimination of water and moisture films by application of ARDROX 3961 or 3962 and then, when solvent evaporation from these products is complete, ARDROX 3140 is applied for long term protection.

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