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Momentive SRC 18 Catalyst 16ml Bottle *BAC 5010 *DHMS A 6.13

Momentive SRC 18 Catalyst 16ml Bottle *BAC 5010 *DHMS A 6.13
SRC18 silicone composition is an amino alkoxy silane liquid that promotes cure (cross-linking of SILGRIP silicone pressure sensitive adhesives from 0-165C.
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  • Cure is a function of time and temperature. At room temperature 21-25C the catalyzed adhesive will develop maximum strength in 3-7 days.
  • Cure time can be shortened by elevating temperature to 165C max. A typical short cycle is 24 hours at 25C followed by 24 hours at 100C. SRC18 catalyst can be used with all grades of SILGRIP silicone pressure sensitive adhesives.
  • It is most commonly used with the laminating grades, PSA529 and PSA6573A adhesives.
  • It is not recommended for making pressure sensitive tapes because the catalyst continues to react with the polymer base over a long period of time. 
  • This primary amine may be expected to undergo typical amine reactions including the formation of sales and amide with acids or esters, substitution with alkyl halides, addition to unsaturated organics, etc.
  • The silane alkoxide may be expected to undergo hydrolysis, ester interchange and certain other ester reactions although it has no carbonyl groups.

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