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Elmotherm 006-2060/2061 6Kg Kit

Elmotherm 006-2060/2061 6Kg Kit
Elmotherm 006 2060 2061 is a Two component, high density, cold setting epoxide resin balancing putty of thermal class 155°C. Lire la suite
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Epoxylite 006 2060 2061 s a two-part high density electrical engineering epoxy balancing compound of thermal class ‘F’ (155°C) Epoxylite 006 2060 2061 is a service proven and widely used economical balancing system for rotating electrical components. It is a fast and effective balancing system with excellent adhesion properties to most commonly encountered surfaces.

The most successful adoption of Epoxylite 006 2060 2061 system by both OEM’s and the Electrical Repair Trade is due to it’s special formulation in design, which results in a product that demonstrates the following properties.


  • Efficient and cost effective when compared to other compounds due to it’s high density.
  • Easy to mix, simple to apply and with superb mouldability characteristics which allows it to be easily keyed into windings and flanges.
  • Excellent adhesive properties to most surfaces commonly found in rotating electrical machines.
  • Ability to be not only heat-cured for fast production requirements but also to be ambient temperature cured allowing on-site work to be simply and quickly carried out.
  • East of machining when the putty is fully cured. 


  • Elmotherm 006-2060/2061
  • 6Kg Kit

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Pas de stock - délai de livraison 17 jours
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