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Silmid Heavy Duty 200ml Cartridge Gun For 1:1 & 2:1 Ratio

Silmid Heavy Duty 200ml Cartridge Gun For 1:1 & 2:1 Ratio
Silmid DM200 Cartridge guns with 200ml or 400ml capacity. The Mixpac F-system is available with different mixing ratios and a wide range of mixers. The cartridges are available in PP and PA6 and PBT materials. The system is completed by a choice of ergonomic dispensers.
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Features of DM200:

  • Separate outlets: Perfectly sealed interface between The mixer and cartridge, Safe and clean working, No cross-mixing
  • Defined positioning of cap:  Safe and easy handling
  • Rigid construction: Precise dosing – accurate application, Suitable for high-viscosity compounds, High long-term stability
  • Wide range of different mixers: Optimal mixer for each 2-component adhesive
  • Manual or Pneumatic: Little user effort required, Fatigue-free working

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