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Momentive TSE 3331 Heat Cure Liquid Potting & Encapsulation Silicone A/B 2Kg (Part A=1Kg/Part B=1Kg) Kit

Momentive TSE 3331 Heat Cure Liquid Potting & Encapsulation Silicone A/B 2Kg (Part A=1Kg/Part B=1Kg) Kit
TSE3331 silicone rubber compound is a two component, heat curing liquid silicone for potting and encapsulation where flammability and/or thermal conductivity is of concern. It provides excellent flame retardant properties ( UL 94 V-0) and very stable dielectric properties over a broad range of operating temperatures. In addition, TSE3331 silicone rubber compound also offers superior thermal conductivity properties when compared to other conventional silicone encapsulants.
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TSE3331 silicone rubber compound offers primerless adhesion to many different types of substrates and offers an extended catalyzed room temperature work life. It is supplied with curing agent in matched kits which are used at a convenient 1:1 ratio by weight.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent flammability properties (UL 94 V-0 at 1.0mm / 0.040 inch)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity properties
  • Self-bonding, excellent adhesion to many substrates without the use of a primer
  • Outstanding operating temperature performance (-55C to 200C / -67F to 392F)
  • Solventless formulation for ease of handling
  • No cure by-product / low shrinkage / non-exothermic allows for deep section application and use in enclosed assemblies
  • Reversion resistant and hydrolytically stable
  • Extended room temperature catalyzed work life
  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio for use with automated mixing and dispensing production operations

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