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Aeroshell Piston Oil 65 1USQ Plastic Bottle *SAE-J-1966 Grade 30 (Replaces MIL-L-6082E)

Aeroshell Piston Oil 65 1USQ Plastic Bottle *SAE-J-1966 Grade 30 (Replaces MIL-L-6082E)
AeroShell Oil 65 is a straight mineral oils blended from selected high viscosity index base oils.
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  • High Viscosity Index Base Oils used in AeroShell oils maintain their viscosity and protect engine components more effectively under the high shear stresses that an engine places on lubricants.
  • Approved for all reciprocating engines of civil aircraft used for running-in operations or older generation engines requiring non-additive type engine oils (refer to manufacturers recommendations).
  • Provides Compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils. Since AeroShell Oil 100 is fully approved to SAE J-1966 and are listed on the relevant Qualified Products List (QPL), elaborate precautions are not needed when changing from similarly approved aircraft engine oils, as long as these oils are qualified products.
  • AeroShell Oils are inherently stable in storage. Providing that they have been stored and handled correctly, prolonged storage does not have any effect on their quality, properties or performance.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

  • The U.S. Specification SAE J-1966 replaces MIL-L-6082E
  • U.S.: Approved J-1966 SAE Grade 30
  • French: (AIR 3560/ D Grade SAE 30)
  • Russian: MS-20
  • NATO Code: O-113 Obsolete
  • Joint Service Designation: OM-107 Obsolete

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