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Molyslip 2001 G Gear Oil Supplement 250ml Flask

Molyslip 2001 G Gear Oil Supplement 250ml Flask
Molyslip 2001G is a colloidal suspension of molybdenum disulphide with complementary additives, in a high quality mineral lubricating oil to supplement oil in gears and transmissions
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Molyslip 2001G Performance and Usage

  • Reduces friction between moving metal to metal surfaces.
  • Reduces wear or gears and transmission systems.
  • Lowers the working temperature of the oil.
  • Protects against lubricant starvation.Protects against corrosion.
  • Increases reliability, reduces maintenance, overhauls and expenditure on replacements.
  • This means INCREASED EFFICIENCY and consequent REDUCTION in COSTS.
  • MOLYSLIP 2001G makes no significant alteration to the characteristics of the oil to which it is added.
  • The MoS2 film formed cannot drain off bearing surfaces and is unaffected by extremes of temperature.

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