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Molyslip OGL Open Gear Lubricant Bentone Based Non Melt 3Kg Tin

Molyslip OGL Open Gear Lubricant Bentone Based Non Melt 3Kg Tin
Molyslip OGL is a bentone based open gear lubricant which will not thin out in use.
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  • Molyslip OGL is completely water resistant, unaffected by aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis, and contains oxidation and rust inhibitors as well as adhesion and EP additives
  • An excellent lubricant for wet or adverse weather conditions, and extremes of temperature.
  • Specially designed for use in a marine environment and is therefore recommended for lubrication and protection of all medium to fast moving exposed gears, and racks.
  • It is also suitable for the lubrication of wire ropes, chains, control cables and linkages and heavily loaded plain bearings.
  • The small size molybdenum disulphide particles together with graphite and EP additives, ensure complete lubrication and a protective coating which will not drip or drain off, or be squeezed out of the working areas.

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