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Molyslip FMO Food Machinery Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 5Lt Can

Molyslip FMO Food Machinery Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 5Lt Can
Molyslip FMO food safe E.P and anti-wear oils for gear, hydraulic and general lubrication.
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€60.48 IVA incl.
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  • High quality oils for use where contact with foodstuffs can occur.
  • Based on pharmaceutical grades of white oil compounded with state of the art anti-corrosion, anti-wear and EP additives which are all non-toxic and in compliance with the United States Food and Drug Administration regulations for incidental food contact. Formulated and manufactured in accordance with the strict guidelines of the United States Department of agriculture.
  • The lubricants are clean and safe and will resist water, fruit and vegetable juices, brine and aqueous solutions of chemicals, acids and alkalies.
  • Recommended for the effective, long lasting lubrication of all food processing, handling and packaging equipment.
  • Ensures efficient operation and prolongs the life of conveyors, rollers, guiderails, cams, gears, chain and cables, dicers, slicers, sprockets etc.

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