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Surf-Kote LOB-1800G Class A Dry Film Lubricant 1USQ Can

Surf-Kote LOB-1800G Class A Dry Film Lubricant 1USQ Can
Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G is an inorganic heat-cured dry film lubricant containing graphite and other high temperature lubricating additives blended with a modified silicate binder.
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Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G is recommended for use primarily on corrosion-resistant base metals as the corrosion properties of the coating are minimal.


Application of Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G should be performed as soon after surface preparation as practical. Surfaces to be coated should not be touched with bare hands or contaminated in any way. Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G should be thoroughly stirred prior to application as the lubricating pigments will settle during storage.

If possible, preheat the parts to be coated to 200-250ï‚°F. Application of Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G to a warm substrate expedites the flash-off of the water solvent. 

Surf-Kote LOB-1800-G should be applied to a thickness of.0005-.001 inch by spraying, dipping, or brushing, with spraying being the preferred method. 

Normal paint spray equipment can be used. Air pressure of 20-40 psi is recommended. 

Spray equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with water and dried after use.

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