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Lockheed Martin MA-25S Ablative Coating Type II Trowelable 1USQ 3 Part Kit

Lockheed Martin MA-25S Ablative Coating Type II Trowelable 1USQ 3 Part Kit

MA-25S® is a medium density, room temperature curing, ablator/insulator, which has been used extensively for thermal protection on aircraft and space launch vehicles. On the Space Shuttle, short duration exposure to temperatures exceeding 1200°F may be encountered. In aircraft engine applications, continuous use temperatures range between 300-600°F.

Número ONU: UN1206 CL3 II
Cantidad limitada: 1L
Peligroso para el transporte

The MA-25S® material has been FAA certified for fire proof protection of fan thrust reversers per FAR Part 25.1181a and FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-135. The material is a filled elastomeric silicone which is available in either a sprayable or trowelable form. The sprayable material (Type I) can be applied using standard spray equipment for large area primary applications.

The trowelable/moldable material (Type II) can be used for small area applications or as a repair material for damage to the sprayable insulation. MA-25S® can also be obtained in precured sheet form for secondary bonding applications.

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