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Humiseal 1B12 Acrylic Conformal Coating 1Lt Can

Humiseal 1B12 Acrylic Conformal Coating 1Lt Can
HumiSeal 1B12 is a single component, fast drying, low viscosity, acrylic conformal coating intended for use on printed circuit assemblies.
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Número ONU: UN1263 CL3 II
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HumiSeal 1B12 is particularly well suited for impregnating coil, for coating ferrite cores and can be soldered through easily or chemically removed. HumiSeal 1B12 coating is RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant.

Cleanliness of the substrate is of extreme importance for the successful application of a conformal coating. Surfaces must be free of moisture, dirt, wax, grease, flux residues and all other contaminants. Contamination under the coating could cause problems that may lead to assembly failures.

DippingDepending on the complexity, density and configuration of components on the assembly, it may be necessary to reduce the viscosity of HumiSeal 1B12 with HumiSeal Thinner 503 in order to obtain a uniform film. Once optimum viscosity is determined, a controlled rate of immersion and withdrawal (5-15 cm/min) will further ensure even deposition of the coating and ultimately a uniform film. During the application, evaporation of solvent causes an increase in viscosity that should be adjusted by adding small amounts of HumiSeal Thinner 503. Viscosity in the dip tank should be checked regularly, using a simple measuring device such as a Zahn or Ford viscosity cup.

SprayingHumiSeal 1B12 can be sprayed using conventional spraying equipment. Spraying should be done in an environment with adequate ventilation so that the vapour and mist are carried away from the operator. The addition of HumiSeal Thinner 521 is necessary to ensure a uniform spray pattern resulting in pinhole-free film. The amount of thinner and spray pressure will depend on the specific type of spray equipment used and operator technique. The recommended ratio of HumiSeal 1B12 to HumiSeal Thinner 521 is 1:1 by volume; however the ratio may need to be adjusted to obtain a uniform coating.

BrushingHumiSeal 1B12 may be brushed with a small addition of HumiSeal Thinner 503. Uniformity of the film depends on component density and operator’s technique.

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