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Momentive PSA 529 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 500gm Tin *BAC5010 DHMS A 6.13

Momentive PSA 529 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 500gm Tin *BAC5010 DHMS A 6.13
PSA529 is a low viscosity methyl based silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with a diverse application use. It is used in tack free adhesive applications such as lamination and bonding of silicone elastomers to a wide variety of substrates. It has an overall balance of peel strength, cohesion, lap shear strength and high temperature holding power which provides a versatility that makes this product useful in a wide variety of applications, including fastening and bonding of dissimilar materials.
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Número ONU: UN1866 CL3 II
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*For use with SRC-18 Catalyst*
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Key Performance Properties

  • Elastomeric properties after curing with SRC18 catalyst Creep resistant Up to 1 kN/m peel when cured with SRC18 catalyst Adhesion (g/25.4mm) 1440-2800 Tack 200 g/25.4mm max ( 50 micron polyester film, uncatalyzed)


  • PSA529 silicone adhesive may be applied and heat cured on high speed laminating lines or at room temperature in a broad range of fastening applications.
  • PSA529 adhesive may be used as a replacement for mechanical fasteners with or without the addition of fillers.
  • PSA529 silicone adhesive has exhibited good adhesion to many difficult to bond surfaces including low energy surfaces and silicone rubber.
  • PSA529 adhesive and SRC18 amino silane catalyst have been found useful for bonding silicone rubber to variety of substrates such as stainless steel, anodized aluminum and cold rolled steel. A bond frequently stronger than the rubber itself is achieved through the use of PSA529 and SRC18 catalyst.
  • The PSA529/SRC18 system cures at room temperature. Cure time can be shortened with elevated temperatures up to 149º C


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