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Epotek 353ND Optical Adhesive 1Lb Kit

Epotek 353ND Optical Adhesive 1Lb Kit
EPO-TEK 353ND is a two component, high temperature epoxy designed for semiconductor, hybrid, fiber optic, and medical applications. It is one of the most popular EPO-TEK brand products, and is known throughout the world for its performance and reliability
Número ONU: UN3267 CL8 / 3082 CL9 III
Cantidad limitada: 5L

Epo-tek 353ND Advantages & Application Notes:

  • Reasonable pot-life that allows for low temperature curing to be realized. It has an amber color change upon cure.
  • NASA approved, low outgassing epoxy -
  • Semiconductor suggested applications: wafer-wafer bonding of CSP; fabrication of MEMs devices; flip chip underfill.
  • Hybrid suggested applications: providing near hermetic seals in sensor devices, resisting high temperature packaging o Down-Hole petrochemical fiber optic sensors, resisting >200°C field conditions
  • Fiber optic adhesive designed to meet Telecordia 1221 - suggested applications: o Sealing fiber into ferrules, transmitting light in the optical pathway from 800- 1550 nm range o Fiber component packaging; adhesive for active alignment of optics, environmental seal of opto-package, V-groove arrays

Medical suggested applications:

  • Potting Fiber Optic bundles into SST ferrules for light guides and endoscopes, resisting sterilization cycles of autoclave, ETO, gamma, H202 plasma
  • Certified to USP Class VI Biocompatiblility Standards for medical implants; adhesive for catheter devices including stents and guide wires

Electronics Assembly suggested  Applications:

  • Used as dielectric layer in the fabrication of capacitors; laminating PZT ferroelectrics found in ultrasound or  ink-jetting devices
  • Impregnating and insulating copper coil windings in motors and inductor coils. Bonding ferrite cores and

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