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Socopac 50S Corrosion Preventative 500ml Aerosol

Socopac 50S Corrosion Preventative 500ml Aerosol
Socopac, 50S, Long Term, Temporary, Penetrating, Hydrophobic, Corrosion Inhibiting Compound
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Número ONU: UN1950 CL2.1 N/A
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Features of Socopac 50S:

Socopac 50S provides a complete protection of materials, spare parts and assemblies in the most unfavourable climatic conditions. The film obtained forms a very efficient barrier against all the agents responsible for corrosion (water, oxygen, acids, basis and salts from industrial emissions, tropical atmospheres, etc...). Its long-lasting corrosion preventive power allows a complete conservation guarantee after application on various materials such as aluminium and alloys, steels, light metals (titanium, magnesium), zinc and galvanized steel, copper and its alloys, cadmium. It can be applied without any risk of attack on painted surfaces, composite materials, plastics, rubbers, Plexiglas an polycarbonates (non crazing).Socopac 50S has been formulated to offer the highest safety to the users as well as to the pieces to be protected, it is absolutely free of harmful solvents, toluene, xylene or chlorinated compounds

  • After drying SOCOPAC 50S leaves an impervious durable protective film, resistant to temperature differentials, heavy rain, sea air, tropical atmospheres or corrosive industrial atmospheres.
  • This film is medium hard, but wax-like and dry to the touch. Thanks to its flexibility, it can absorb slight impacts without damage or crazing. If the scratch is deeper, the capillary activity and polarity properties of the film towards the treated surface prevent the scratch from spreading. This facility of the protection called «self-healing» allows handling of the pieces even after a prolonged storage time,without loss of the protective value of the SOCOPAC 50S film.
  • The dry film is intended to resist several years outside and above all to remain stable during thisperiod. It does not suffer air-damage, by exposure to sun or to heat; it is not subjected to any crosslinking or polymerisation and can be therefore removed several years after application as easily as thefirst day
  • Though it has a particularly pronounced hydrophobic quality, SOCOPAC 50S was not designed for therole of a specifically hydrophobic compound. However its capillary properties allow it to protect andrepel water in an efficient way any material normally exposed to open air. In cases of humid, enclosedSocopac 50S

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