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Loctite Hand Pump For Use With 250ml Bottle (Supplied Separate)

Loctite Hand Pump For Use With 250ml Bottle (Supplied Separate)
The LOCTITE® 250ml Bottle Hand Pump 97001 is a portable, precision, bottle-top applicator that threads firmly onto any 250ml anaerobic bottle.
It converts the product bottle into a manual mobile dispenser. The LOCTITE® 50ml Bottle Hand Pump works by the same principle and threads firmly onto any 50ml anaerobic bottle. It includes a new ergonomically balanced and resilient bottle stand that greatly reduces the tendency of bottle tipping. These units will dispense single shots of Loctite® anaerobic Thread lockers and Retaining Compounds from 0.01 to 0.4 ml with viscosities up to 30,000 mPas. They require no flushing, power or air source. They are designed to dispense at any angle without leaks and eliminate waste of product.

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