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Nielsen Shampoo and Wheel Cleaner Kit

Silmid P/N: BUN0000030
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A complete automotive cleaning kit containing Nielsen High Gloss Shampoo and Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner both in 5lt bottles. This kit also has a handy coral sponge that is perfect abrasive Upholstery and Wheels. 

Product Information

Nielsen High Gloss Shampoo - 5lt

With Nielsen High Gloss Car Shampoo Water is shed rapidly after cleaning to reduce the need for excessive chamois drying, and the quick rinsing effect remains for a number of weeks after washing.


  •  Rapidly sheds water for quick drying and reduce excessive chamois drying, saving operator time
  • Controlled foam for easy rinsing
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Concentrated shampoo provides a high gloss finish and long lasting protection

Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner - 5lt

Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner’s high alkaline formula also removes unsightly oxide films from aluminium surfaces, cleaning and improving the appearance of aluminium without the use of toxic acids typically associated with aluminium cleaners.


  • Enhances the appearance of wheels and older aluminium bodies without the use of strong acids
  • Dilutes for economy in use
  • Does not harm concrete floors

Nielsen Coral Sponge

Nielson Coral Sponge that is perfect for abrasive upholstery and wheels. Great for use on cars, bikes, caravans and much more in the automotive industry.


  • Size: 15cm x 5xm x 9.5cm (approx.)
  • Colour Yellow
  • Perfect for upholstery and wheels Square shape
  • One supplied