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Socomore Solutions for Effective Paint Stripping

Depending on their manufacturer guidelines, aircrafts must be repainted every 6 to 8 years. Within the Socomore portfolio are a range of aerospace approved paint strippers for use across the airframe and other equipment. These paint removers are supplied in both gel and liquid forms, meaning they can be applied by brushing, spraying or immersion processes.

This article will look specifically at gel applications, and the products available to users for this process.


As with many aerospace OEM and MRO processes, REACH regulations has led to a shift away from older technologies containing harmful substances to new methods that are safer for both the user and the environment. Products in Socomore’s gel paint stripper range are free from dichloromethane, chlorine, phenols and chromates ensuring they will be fit for purpose for years to come.


For a successful application various factors should be considered by the end user:

  • Surface preparation;
  • Take time to mask;
  • Paint thickness, temperature conditions and therefore application time;
  • Application methods.

Diagram showing effective paint stripping process

Surface Preparation

Hand with wipe wiping aircraft


Preparing any surface prior to a coating application is critical, and this is no different when applying a paint stripper. For the paint stripper to work effectively, surfaces should be free from any and all soils and greases. Socomore supply a range of suitable cleaning chemicals for this application including products from their HYSO, DIESTONE and SYNCLAIR ranges, available in liquids and wipes.


Person applying masking


To prevent unwanted parts being stripped, these areas should be masked using suitable products such as tapes and films. Silmid stock a wide range of products resistant to paint stripping chemicals from brands such as 3M Aerospace and Mask-Off.

Scrapping, Rinsing and Cleaning

Aircraft undergoing stripping process

Once applied and given the necessary time to work, the unstuck paint should be removed and the surface should be rinsed with water and Synclair A/C to remove any leftover residues. This process should be followed by a cleaning stage with a DIESTONE product or similar.

Follow Up Processes

Once the surface has been successfully stripped, rinsed and cleaned, it is now ready for additional treatments including:

brochures with paint shop solutions text on cover

Click here to view the Socomore Paint Shop Solutions brochure.