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AeroShell Grease 58 for Aircraft Wheels and Landing Gear

Aviation has seen huge change over the last 30 years. Aircraft are larger and capable of carrying heavier loads than ever before, putting more pressure on wheel bearings in the process. AeroShell have developed AeroShell Grease 58 – an enhanced load carrying capacity grease that exhibits superior protection against water and corrosive fluids, keeping wheel bearings protected for longer and repair costs lower.

Enhanced Load Carrying Capacity

The second the wheels touch the runway, the combined weight of the aircraft and external forces are all resting on the steel bearings that support the wheels. AeroShell Grease 58 exhibits almost 60% more load carrying capacity through remaining in contact with the bearing rollers and track. This results in better load wear protection when compared with MIL-PRF-81322G greases under ASTM D2596 tests. 

Aeroshell 58 grease landing gear poster with text
Protect against runway contaminants

Advanced Corrosion Protection

AeroShell Grease 58 is able to perform repeatedly in the harshest of environments. This includes the extreme temperature changes wheel bearings experience during take off and landing, as well as their exposure to corrosive chemicals such as rain, spray and runway deicer.

AeroShell Grease 58 surpasses all requirements for exposure to runway de-icing fluid and salt water and is the first grease to meet and exceed all requirements of the SAE AMS 3058 testing procedure.

In addition, AeroShell Grease 58 exhibits superior ‘wash out’ resistance, ensuring the grease remains in place for longer, removing the risk of key components being directly exposed to these harsh environments.

Outstanding Mechanical Stability

Made from a lithium complex base, AeroShell Grease 58 does not soften or harden excessively when worked or sheared. Combined with its superior ‘wash out’ resistance, AeroShell Grease 58 holds its form, increasing bearing life and reducing maintenance costs across the lifecycle of the aircraft.

AeroShell Grease 58 – available in various sizes

As an authorised repacker of AeroShell lubricants, Silmid are uniquely placed to supply a variety of products, including AeroShell Grease 58, in custom packaging designed to meet the specific needs of the customer application. All products are supplied with full traceability back to the manufacturer. Click here to read more about our repack capabilities.

Aeroshell 58 grease cartridge and can