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AeroShell for Piston Engine Aircraft

close up engine and blades

A Comprehensive and Proven Range

AeroShell is the most comprehensive and proven product range available, with new products undergoing thousands of hours’ testing. AeroShell also offer helpful and authoritative technical support, so it is no wonder that this range is used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide.

Trusted for generations

Shell has been a pioneer in aviation fuels and lubricants for over a century. Generations of pilots have trusted AeroShell products in their aircraft. The engine and oil technology have changed, but the commitment to pilots remains the same, which is why you can trust AeroShell.

Whether you maintain an older light aircraft burning leaded avgas or fly an ultra-light or modern two- or four-stroke sport aircraft, there are AeroShell oils, greases and fluids designed specifically for your needs. AeroShell are constantly working to improve their products for existing-technology engines and working with engine manufacturers to develop new products. 

small Aeroshell planes with smoke trails

Many tins, cartridges and bottles of Aeroshell grease and fluid

Piston Engine Oils Explained

AeroShell piston engine oils, including AeroShell Oil W15W-50 for improved operation in temperature extremes without having to change from summer to winter grades. Click here for more information on the Aeroshell Piston Engine Oil family. 

Blob of Aeroshell Grease
Close up of engine and rotor blades

Greases Explained

AeroShell greases, including AeroShell Grease 22 for wheel bearings and engine accessories, and AeroShell Grease 6 and 7 for multipurpose airframe applications. Click here for more information on the AeroShell Grease family. 

AeroShell hydraulic fluids, including AeroShell Fluid 41 “super-clean” hydraulic fluid for improved performance.

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