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AeroShell Digital Marketing Leader of the Year Award

Recently members of the Silmid team attended the annual AeroShell Distributor Conference in Rotterdam. During the conference we were delighted to have been awarded Digital Marketing Leader of the Year! 

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with AeroShell we have worked closely with AeroShell to build a digital library of informative content covering the AeroShell product portfolio. Off the back of our content library on, we have been able to develop our social profile organically across multiple platforms by being a reliable, constant source of informative content. 

Best Practice Digital E-commerce & Marketing

As part of the conference Silmid were invited to present on best practice for digital e-commerce & marketing to everyone in attendance. Highlighting our commitment to providing on demand access to tens of thousands of speciality chemicals through the click of a mouse with our industry leading e-commerce platform 
Digital marketing of the year award
People standing in a room gathered round a flip chart
Aeroshell presentation being given with people at tables watching a screen