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Adhesive Films

Within their product offering, 3M Aerospace supply a range of film adhesives, ideally suited to bonding metal and composite components on an aircraft. The use of film adhesives support the reduction of mechanical fastenings, ensuring weight saving is maximised without the need to compensate on structural integrity.

The epoxy based film adhesives come in a variety of weights, colours, sizes and scrims, and understanding each of these components is key to picking the right solution for your application.

Reference Breakdown

3M Scotch-Weld AF 163-2K 0.06 x 36in x 50Yd Roll

3M Scotch-Weld AF 191M 0.03 x 36in x 50Yd Roll

Brand – Scotch-Weld is a trademark of 3M used to identify a number of adhesive families.

AF – this is used to designate the product is an Adhesive Film. These identifiers can be found on a number of Aerospace products including EC, EW and AC.

Product Identifier – there are a number of different adhesive film products, each one having different properties making them suitable for a range of applications.

Scrim – sometimes referred to as a carrier, this is material added to the adhesive to provide extra support and thickness. The scrims available are as follows:

K – Knitted
L – Light Mat, Non Woven
OST – One Side Tacky, Non Woven
M – Mat, Non Woven
Some adhesive films are also supplied without a scrim, and are identified as U – Unsupported.

Film Weight – this shows the weight in Lb per SqFt of that particular combination of adhesive and scrim.

Size – products are supplied in rolls measured in inches and yards or metres and millimetres.

Nitrile phenolic follows the same pattern but do not have an identifiable scrim or film weight.

Films and Primers

Core Splice Films

3M Aerospace’s range of core splice film adhesives expand to fill mismatched surfaces, splicing (or joining) the internal honeycomb structures together or giving a toughened edge finish. The majority of these films are supplied in sheets as opposed to rolls, and vary in thickness from 25mil to 50 mil. Unlike standard epoxy film adhesives, there is no choice of scrim, but their expansion properties increase bond strength in difficult to match applications.

Most 3M film adhesives require refrigerated or freezer storage to maintain their properties. However, 3M Scotch-Weld AF 3074 FST is an innovative product and the first known core splice film that can be stored at room temperature. This increases the air freight options available, and can be stored in locations without refrigeration available.


3M Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesive Bonding Primers help prepare surfaces for bonding; improving conditions so the adhesives are more effective and create stronger, longer lasting bonds. All primers can be sprayed, bushed or applied by a roller, and the options available are below:

These primers can be used across the film adhesive range, and the handy guide below indicates which primers can be used with which films.

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