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Silmid is a leading distributor of abrasives, an abrasive is a kind of hard material, very often a mineral of some kind, used to finish or shape a workpiece in a huge variety of industrial, domestic and technological applications. Silmid offer a large range of abrasive products, including abrasive discs, deburring wheels, roloc discs, hand pads, abrasive rolls and wet and dry papers. 

Abrasives have many different uses including grinding, buffing, lapping, sharpening, polishing, honing, drilling, cutting and sanding.

Silmid have over 40 years of knowledge and experience within the aerospace industry, and we are here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

With decades of experience in abrasive and microreplication technologies, 3M reinvented abrasives with 3M Cubitron II products. The secret lies in the revolutionary precision-shaped ceramic grained and technology pioneered by 3M. 

As the triangular shaped grain wears, it continuously fractures form sharp points and edges that slice through metal, wear evenly and provide super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure. 

This allows 3M Cubitron II belts, discs and bonded wheels to run cooler and keep on working - long after conventional abrasives have dulled, shelled, glazed over and been thrown out. 

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