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Kimberly Clark Professional


As a leading global supplier, Kimberly-Clark's offerings include industrial supplies, food processing compliant wipes, and innovative washroom solutions


KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* have partnered with Sil-Mid Limited to allow their customers to experience a service that is second to none. Sil-Mid Limited are able to provide real time stock level availability, if a product is not available we are commited to giving acurate lead times.

Sil-Mid Limited stock a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ranging from disposable apparel, gloves, eye, face and hearing protection plus a range of quality wiping solutions that get the job done quickly and efficiently.


KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* know that the challenges their customers face every day affect every aspect of their organisations. The decisions they make have an impact on the working lives of everyone they work with. KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* pride themselves on understanding their customers' needs, backing their choices and providing them with solutions that enable people to be safer, healthier and more productive.

Product Range

Kimberly Clark


The KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL* heavy duty low lint cloths are compatible with most solvents used in aerospace. They meet the requirements of AMS 3819C and BMS 15-5F from Boeing. Enabling companies to comply with Boeing and Airbus requirements at a lower cost.

Kimberly Clark

JACKSON SAFETY* H10 Disposable Ear Plugs

The JACKSON SAFETY* H10 Disposable Earplugs are made from a soft roll-down bullet shaped foam for easy ear insertion.This unique combination of protection, comfort and performance is individually packaged and is Universal size compliant to ANSI S3. 19-1974.

Kimberly Clark


The KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Cleaning Wipes are designed for use with stationary or portable large roll dispensers. They are compatible with most solvents used in aerospace, such as MEK, MPK, acetone and isopropanol.

Kimberly Clark

JACKSON SAFETY* V30 Nemesis Protective Glasses

The JACKSON SAFETY* V30 Nemesis protective glasses help prevent damage to the eyes and are comfortable to wear for long periods. They provide 99% UVA/UVB protection and conform to EN166:2001 1F for safety, EN166:2001 level F for impact resistance and EN166:2001 class 1 for optical clarity.

Kimberly Clark

KLEENGUARD* A20+ Breathable Particle Protection Coverall

KLEENGUARD* A20+ Breathable Particle Protection Coverall is a Single-use protective clothing to improve safety and comfort in high-risk areas. It provides general protection against water-based or chemical splashes, liquids or dust particles with added benefit of antistatic protection.

Kimberly Clark

WETTASK* Roll Wiper Dispenser

The WETTASK* Roll Wiper dispenser is a refillable, airtight wiping system using pre-soaked cloths to help control the costs of solvents and disinfectants and improve safety by reducing spills. Ideal for: wiping and preparing industrial and healthcare surfaces using your chosen solvent, chemical, detergent.

Jackson Safety 269 Solvent Gloves

The JACKSON SAFETY* G29 Solvent Gloves

The JACKSON SAFETY* G29 Solvent Gloves have been engineered to help you minimise recordable injuries, occupational diseases and improve worker productivity, by providing them with the best in class hand protection.

They have collaborated with aerospace manufacturers from around the world and seen first-hand the challenges their customers face.

One of these challenges is that 24% of injuries in the aerospace industry affect the hands. It’s therefore important to equip your workers with the correct PPE and maximise productivity by increasing dexterity, reducing time wasted in changing PPE and minimising absence due to hand injury and disease.

Kimberly Clark