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Xiameter from Dow Corning

The products developed in recent years on the Xiameter line are silicone rubbers, lubricants, silicone fluids and emulsions, polymers for high temperature applications, release agents, resins resistant to high temperature, for liquid silicone molds, defoamers and repellents the water.

The brand , offers among thousands of standard silicones, fluids and rubbers. Of course, all Xiameter products offer you the proven quality and global security of supply you would expect from Dow Corning. So with this brand, you can get all the standard silicones, fluids and rubbers you need, the way that works best for you.

We stock a range of

  • Silicones
  • Specialties and coatings.

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Silicones, Fluids and Rubbers

Silicone Fluids

Silicone fluids can be water or fluid more viscous than gum, however, always they conform to the shape of its container. They are used as lubricants, mechanical fluids, heat transfer fluids, release agents, defoamers, electrical insulators (PMX-200, PMX-0245, PMX-561)

Silicone Emulsions

With its luster, luster and improved properties, silicone emulsions are useful for many sectors, from automobiles to polishes skin moisturizers and hair conditioners. Silicone fluids are emulsified in water. (MEM-0036, MEM-0346)

Silicone Rubber

Because of its versatility, silicone rubbers are used in injection molding products for the care of babies and even high-voltage insulators and many others. The rubber can be solid or liquid ( RBL-2004, RBL-1551P )


It comprises four different chemical groups, these highly versatile silicones can improve adhesion and dielectric properties, and also act as moisture repellent.

Product Spotlight

Xiameter RTV 4230 E Kit

XIAMETER RTV-4230-E is a high-strength, tear-resistant silicone rubber creates flexible molds to reproduce intricate detail.

  • Easy release
  • High elongation
  • Minimum shrinkage
  • Long working time
  • High strength
  • Tear resistance

Xiameter PMX 200/5CS Silicone Fluid

XIAMETER PMX-200 Silicone Fluid, is a polydimethylsiloxane polymer manufactured to yield essentially linear polymers.

  • Ease of application to rubout
  • Ease of buffing
  • Enhances colour
  • Low fire hazard
  • Good heat stability
  • Low surface energy

Xiameter RTV 3000 Catalyst F

Xiameter RTV-3000 Catalyst F is to be used with Xiameter RTV-3100 Series bases.Supplied in a 45gm tube.

  • Easily mixed and poured
  • Cures at room temperature in any thickness
  • Gives accurate reproduction of masters for moldmaking
  • Provides a wide service temperature range
  • Can be used with RTV-3100

Xiameter PMX 200/50cs

XIAMETER PMX-200 (previously know as DC 200) is a colourless, clear polydimethylsiloxane fluid.

  • Ease off application and rubout
  • Ease of buffing
  • Enhances colour
  • High compressibility
  • Low fire hazard
  • Good heat stability