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Total is an established world leader in aviation lubricants, Total products are used by over 400 aero clubs around the world supporting the aviation industry. Totals cutting edge R&D develop lubricants for quality, durability and greater fuel efficiency. You’ll see Total lubricants used by recreational flyers, air show competitors, and by pilots who need the highest performance in the harshest conditions.

The propulsion system lubricants in the Total Aero range include dispersive and non-dispersive low-ash solutions using both semi-synthetic and mineral base stock. Using the highest quality bases, they are formulated with the latest anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives.

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Aircraft lubrication

Damping fluids for landing gears:

Greases for flaps, doors, wheel bearings

Transmission lubricants (helicopters):

Oils for navigation instruments:

Lubrication of the propulsion system

Piston Engine Oil:
AERO DM 15W50 / AERO XPD 100 & AERO XPD 80

Turbine oil used also as auxiliary fluid (APU, IDG):

Featured product


Lubrication of piston engines operating under severe and very severe conditions. Can be used throughout the year in any climate


TOTAL AERO DM 15W50 is formulated with high quality base stocks. This provides very high viscosity index.
The new formulation, made with the latest technologies specific additives, provides the best anti-wear requirements for this type of oil Its very low pour point and the multigrade properties allow for immediate lubrication at low and very low temperatures It also provides excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance

TOTAL AERO DM 15W50 already contains, in the correct proportions, an anti-wear additive, the same as TEXTRON Lycoming additive LW 16702: by using TOTAL AERO DM 15W50, it is not necessary to add this additive in the oil.


• SAE J-1899 • FAA AD 80-04-03R2 b1 • AVCO LYCOMING (301 F) and TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL (MHS-24) • NATO Code: XO-162 • FRANCE: DCSEA 262/A