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Semco Packaging

Semco manufactures packaging materials intended to: store, mix, dispense, apply and remove. 

Semco packaging and application systems use innovative ideas and technology to produce superior and reliable products. Semco products consistently deliver, keeping the Semco brand name a leader in the disepensing and application industry for over 45 years. Semco are the dispensing solution for PPG Sealants. 

Silmid stock an extensive range of over 140 Semco products.

Silmid are the approved repacker of Aeroshell greases and fluids, and down pack many of these lubricants into Semco packaging. Call us on 01675 432 850 or speak to your Account Manager for further details.

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Semco Application Guns

Semco offer a range of manual and battery powered dispensing guns for the application of sealants, adhesives, potting compounds and other materials packaged in cartridges and Semkit packages. Mainly designed for the aerospace and electronics industries. 

Semco Nozzles

Semco have a variety of nozzles both disposable and re-usable to fit a various cartridges, a wide range of lengths and orifice sizes are available to meet your application needs. We stock a selection of fillet nozzles, roller nozzles, ribbon nozzles, bent nozzles, standard nozzles and more.

Semco Sealant Removal Tools

Semco sealant removal tools are ergonomically designed scrapers that improve efficiency of aerospace sealant removal and reduce operator fatigue. The tools are compliant with the primary process specifications used by the aerospace industry. Silmid stock a range of glass, nylon and more sealant removal tools in various kits to meet your needs.

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View our full Semco range containing plungers, syringes, cartridges, caps, mixers and measuring equipment, needles and tips and much more. Suitable for handling, mixing and holding a wide variety of chemical fluids for storage and application.

Semco Knowledge Centre 

Need more help and information regarding Semco? visit our Knowledge Centre. Packed with over 50 years of experience in the aerospace industry, the knowledge centre offers handy product guides and information on Semco and other leading brands. 

We have guides on Semkit Systems, nozzles, cartridges, smoothing tools, hybrid syringe systems, guns and retainers. 

The Knowledge Centre is designed to introduce the user to the range of Semco products and provide information on how to use the systems and how products fit together. 

Product Spotlight

Semco Model 1088 Semkit Package Mixer

The Semco® model 1088 Semkit® package mixer provides complete automatic mixing of filled Semkit® packages.

  • Single switch adjustment
  • Automatic injection of catalyst
  • Guarding door to ensure safety 
  • Stroke counter

Semco 250 A Sealant Gun - 6oz

The Semco model 250-A sealant gun is a standard of the aerospace and electronics industries.

  • Reduces applied material cost
  • Provides accurate material control
  • Lightweight
  • Handle can be removed

Semco 420 Standard Nozzle (220544)

This disposable nozzle is precision molded and have a 1/4" NPT male thread to fit Semco 1,2,5,6,8,12,20,32 oz and 1/10 gallon cartridges. 

  • Disposable Nozzle
  • Semco 420 standard
  • NSN: NSN5120-00-042-6577
  • Part code: 220544

Semco Hybrid Syringe Wiper Piston (363004)

Each piston is moulded from polyethylene and meets the rigid requirements of high tech industries.

  • Colour - Red
  • Hybrid Syringe Wiper Piston
  • 30cc/55cc
  • Part Code - 363004