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PPG Sealants

PRC® and Pro-Seal™ sealants seal the structures of many of the world’s aircraft. Our comprehensive range of sealants for aircraft structures includes products for fuel tanks, protecting aircraft mating surfaces and sealing aircraft windshields.

PPG Aerospace qualified all three grades of its non-chromate corrosion-inhibiting sealant PR-2870 that provides commercial, general aviation and military aircraft manufacturers as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul(MRO) shops with faster cure to reduce application cycle time for significant cost savings.

PRC® aerospace sealants were the first products capable of resisting deterioration from long-term exposure to jet fuel. Since then, sealants such as PR-1422, PR-1440  and Pro-Seal™ 890 have become industry standards for sealing fuel tanks.

Based on advanced Permapol® polymers these sealants are lighter in weight, withstand higher temperatures, cure faster, and are easier to apply.

PPG sealant range is now enhanced with Sealants Europe SAS formed from acquiring majority interest in the aerospace and automotive sealants and adhesives business of Le Joint Français (LJF). PPG Aerospace PRC-DeSoto continues to establish higher standards for products.

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The material is designed for sealing firewall structures against the passage of air and vapors.


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