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PPG Coatings

PPG's aerospace coatings are qualified to more commercial and general aviation specifications than any other supplier.

  • More than one thousand types of coatings available, offering the industry’s broadest product line.
  • Coatings can be applied on numerous substrates including fiberglass, composites, and metallic surfaces for superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals and rain erosion.

Coatings, Paint Removers & Cleaners

PPG Aerospace is the global leader in the development and supply of aerospace coatings. These coatings provide superior application characteristics, UV resistance and color stability. The innovative Selectively Strippable System combines long-term performance with efficient topcoat removal for repainting.

Commercial / Civil Aviation

PPG Aerospace is a major global supplier of coatings products for the commercial and civil aviation sectors of the aerospace industry. As a supplier to all of the major producers of OEM aircraft, PPG Aerospace coatings are qualified for use on nearly every surface of the aircraft structure and exterior.


PPG Aerospace is the global leader in the development and supply of coatings products for the military aerospace segment of the industry. With the addition of the Deft® product line in 2013, PPG has a full line of topcoats and primers needed for the industry supporting fighters, trainers, transport aircraft, and helicopters.

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