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Nuvite Chemical Compounds

Nuvite Chemical Compounds are a global leader in appearance and maintenance chemicals, manufacturing and delivering high quality products for nearly 70 years to aviation/aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, RV & power sports industries.

Especially popular in the aviation aftermarket, Nuvite meets the uncompromising demands of commercial carriers / FBO's / MROs worldwide.

The Nuvite product line delivers everything you need to achieve that most coveted, sought after, “SHOWROOM SHINE." Nuvite specialize in complete polishing systems.

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The Nuvite Nushine II family of products form part of a procedural process for polishing aircraft metal and brightwork. Each chemical compound is graded to suit a particular step in the process, meaning no matter how bad your existing surface condition is, there is always an appropriate product to begin with.

Nuvite Nushine II conforms to the following specifications:

  • Boeing D6-17847
  • Douglas CSD-1
  • AMS 1650
  • Boeing D6-9002

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The graded system of polishes for both metal and paint finishing that provide the finest surface finish available. It allows the user to select the exact grade suitable for the condition of the surface.

Nushine polishes metals and paints to an incredible deep, clear and image reflective surface, but also imparts a protective chemical barrier to inhibit corrosive oxidation to the metal. It is the perfect product for polishing aircraft aluminium. Approved by Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Boeing and most leading aircraft manufactures for polishing aluminium.


  • Exceptional polish, with oxidation and corrosion removal
  • Imparts extreme clarity to aluminium, brass, copper and steel
  • Removes spots, stains, cloudy "under cast" and orange peel
  • Preserves and protects substrates from further oxidation

Nuvite Wash & Cleaners

Nuvite C-49 Interior Cleaner

Nuvites’ C-49 SuperCleaner is the most versatile and effective cleaner available for cleaning fabrics, leather, carpet, plastics, laminates and even metals! In other words, for cleaning all types of surfaces generally found in commercial & private aviation.


  • Safe and pleasant for users
  • Will not damage materials
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Hard water stable, cold water efficient

Nuvite Citricut Degreaser

Nuvite’s citrus-based CitriCut provides a wide range of cleaning capabilities, yet, is both user and environmentally friendly. This product is supplied in various sizes.


  • Heavy duty cleaner
  • Safe and pleasant for use
  • Can be used as a degreaser
  • Biodegradable 

Nuvite Citricut Xtra Cleaner & Sealant

CitriCut Xtra, a citrus based cleaner, provides a wide range of airframe cleaning capabilities with the added benefit for fleet livery appearance. Supplied in various sizes.


  • User and environmentally friendly
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Can be used as a penetrating degreaser


Nuvite NuPower II Dry Wash

NuPower II is an extraordinary Dry-Wash product for the ongoing care of painted or polished metal surfaces. It is easily applied with a wipe-on, wipe-off procedure with pad applicators or by hand in all types of humidity conditions.


  • Removes oxidation from paint and metal surfaces
  • Easy wipe on, let dry, wipe off to clean
  • Adds a beautiful gloss appearance