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In the Aerospace industry, all products are job-specific for every application in aircraft maintenance. The LPS brand has been providing products to major manufactures in commercial, military and general aviation since 1961. LPS provide a family of products that meet the needs of the aviation industry for safe effective cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, and corrosion protection. No two jobs are alike, that is why there is an LPS product specifically formulated for every application your maintenance program calls for.

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Product Spotlight

LPS 1®

Greaseless Lubricant is specially formulated to penetrate minute crevices, displace moisture, and leave behind a thin, dry lubricating film. It is the top choice for drying out critical electrical/electronic components and lubricating precision instruments.


  • Cables
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Electric Motors
  • Electronic Connectors
  • Generators
  • Hinges
  • Ignition Systems
  • Locks


  • Provides a dry, thin, lubricating film
  • Resists oil, dust, and dirt build-up
  • Removes carbon build-up from surfaces
  • Displaces moisture
  • Loosens rusted or frozen parts
  • Provides a short term, light, corrosion resistant barrier
  • Ideal for delicate mechanisms
  • Safe on paint, fabric, and most plastics
  • Non-conductive
  • Used worldwide in aviation
  • VOC compliant in all 50 states
  • NSF Registered H2
  • Acceptable for use in Canadian Food Processing Establishments