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LPS - World Class MRO Solutions

In the Aerospace industry, all products are job-specific for every application in aircraft maintenance. The LPS brand has been providing products to major manufactures in commercial, energy development facilities, military and general aviation globally since 1961.

LPS provide a family of products that meet the needs of the aviation industry for safe effective cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, and corrosion protection. No two jobs are alike, that is why there is an LPS product specifically formulated for every application your maintenance program calls for.

Products within the LPS brand include:

  • Cleaners
  • Coatings
  • Lubricants
  • Specialties

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Product Spotlight

LPS Precision Clean - Various Sizes

A multi-purpose concentrated cleaner/degreaser precisely formulated for industry; removes stubborn soils, greases, oils, sludge, and soot.


  • VOC Compliant in 50 states
  • Rinses clean
  • Safe on all surfaces except magnesium
  • Alkaline formula inhibits flash rusting
  • Super industrial strength 



LPS CFC Free Cleaner - Various Sizes

LPS CFC Free cleaner has a penetrating action that removes oil, grease, dirt, flux and other contaminants. It cleans and degreases delicate precision mechanisms. 


  • Safe on plastics
  • Fast evaporating - leaves no residue
  • Low odour
  • NSF Certified
  • Penetrating action


LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant - Various Sizes

Specially formulated to give a dry, thin lubricating film that penetrates deep into minute crevices while resisting oil, dust and dirt build-up.


  • Provides a dry, thin lubricating film
  • Dries fast and resists oil, dust and dirt build up
  • Fast acting penetration
  • Displaces moisture
  • Used worldwide in aviation

LPS Presolve Orange Degreaser - Various Sizes

LPS PreSolve is a citrus-based solvent designed to solve the toughest cleaning problems. PreSolve's high performance formula effectively removes adhesives, oil, grease, wax, tar, dirt and other contaminants in seconds.


  • High performance citrus based cleaner
  • Ideal for gummy, tared residue
  • Controlled evaporation
  • Non-Conductive