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Hylomar products are widely used in the automotive, aerospace & industrial aftermarkets with Universal Blue being the leading non-setting gasket & jointing compound in the world. Aerograde (PL32), Aerograde Ultra (PL32A) & Advanced Formulation are specified by aero-engine manufacturers & by NATO.

Hylosil RTV silicone sealants are used globally to seal engines, gearboxes & transmissions by leading manufacturers. Hylomar’s epoxy adhesive & cable putties; exhaust putty & pastes; & anaerobic gasket compounds, thread lockers, thread sealers, retainers & pre-applied products are second to none in the marketplace in terms of performance & value for money.

HYLO®GRIP high performance anaerobic adhesives and gasket compounds are specifically formulated to give optimum performance in even the most demanding applications. When fully cured all of the products in the HYLO®GRIP range are highly resistant to heat, corrosion, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals.

Hylomar PL32 Aerograde

Hylomar Aero Grade is a highly engineered, polyester-urethane based non-setting and non-hardening gasketing compound, for use in the aerospace industry. Hylomar Aerograde was developed in conjunction with Rolls Royce - Aerospace Division for sealing joints in jet turbine engines. Hylomar Aero Grade can operate at temperatures from approximately.


  • Hylomar Aero Grade is resistant to air turbine and piston engine combustion products
  • Water glycol/water and methanol/water mixtures
  • Petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils
  • Available in various grades

Specifications: 33H, AFS 147B, DTD 900/4586B, 8030-99-224-5078,  MSRR9055

Please note - this product is available in light, medium and heavy grades. 

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