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As pioneers and recognized experts in General Transportation and Aerospace adhesive / sealant technologies, Bostik create smart adhesive solutions defining the future of Transportation assembly responding directly to the trends of future mobility with high performance, safer, lighter and more sustainable solutions. At Silmid we stock a range of Bostik products including:

  • Adhesives
  • Cleaners
  • Sealants
  • Coatings

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Bostik smart adhesive solutions are found in robotic automotive assembly lines across the globe. Bostik pride themselves on developing safer, faster and more efficient bonds for many of the worlds biggest car brands. 

Bostik is one of the leaders in adhesive and sealant technologies. Our products meet the performance requirements of OEM and automotive suppliers for automotive applications.

Bostik provide product suitable for use within various parts of the automotive sector, including exterior, direct glazing, interior, carpet and upholstery, door trims and load floor adhesives.

Aerospace & Transportation

Smart adhesives for general transportation and aerospace applications. 

With a full range and strong technical expertise, Bostik provide solutions for all the Transportation and Aerospace applications from the design to the maintenance “while going through development and manufacture.”

They provide a range of technologies adapted to multiple applications keeping in mind the need of the manufacturers for safer, lighter an more sustainable solutions.


Aerospace Interiors

As a business at the forefront of aerospace interior adhesive technologies, Bostik are achieving new heights with smart solutions.

Covering the passenger and cockpit areas all the way through to the cargo hold, our aerospace interior adhesives are defining the way modern airplanes are built.We specialize in working directly with airplane manufacturers to create the unique and special interiors that set them apart from their competitors. Using our significant R&D and technical expertise, we work to develop custom formulations that lower costs and identify and eliminate inefficiencies in adhesive use.