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Underpinned by years of experience in the aviation industry, Aerocare's range of specialist cleaning and sanitation products utlilise the very latest advances in microsynagistic biocidal technology. 

Aerocare delivers what no other technology can do; broad sprectrum, long lasting, anti-microbial control in a safe and enviromentally friendly manner. Exhaustive testing of our products has resulted in an impressive list of approvals, which demonstrate the quality and robustness of the Aerocare product range to satisfy the ever increasing demands of health and hygiene assurance. 

Although designed for Aviation the non hazardous nature of the products mean they can be used in all sectors of travel, public transport and industry. 

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Why Choose Aerocare 1-03?

The 1-03 sanitiser formulation is based on a molecular matrix that incorporates 5 acticides. 

These acticides are well known antimicrobials that act synergistically together to kill organisms. This synergy and ability to bring the 5 anticides together into one matrix formulation means that they can be used in low concentrations that are safe to handle. In addition, the nature of the matrix itself weakens and predisposes microbial cells to attack by the anticides. 

The six fold attack ensures an efficient kill of all microrganisms. The combined cidal effect also ensures cells cannot develop resistance. 

Aerocare 1-03 has also been shown to be effective against spore forming organisms and their spores. Viral agents are also inactivated as their vectors are effectively destroyed by the sanitiser matrix and anticides.

In addition to its antimicrobial property the 1-03 matrix also has the ability to bind the treated surface. This results in a residual sanitiser effect ensuring a long term protection against microbial contamination.

The matrix also attaches to the treated surface itself by establishing an enhanced barrier against further attachment of micro-organisms. 


  • Safe to use 1-03 sanitiser has an extremely low hazard level so handling issues are minimal
  • Enviromentally friendly utilising safe chemicals in an easy to use format
  • Non-corrosive and safe to use on all surface types
  • High level of antimirobial activity against all bacteria, viruses and fungi tested

Sectors We Serve

Aerocare Sectors

Aerocare provides technically advanced cleaning and sanitation products for all areas of aviation. 

The products have been tested to industry sector requirements and are suitable for the following transport sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Rail
  • Bus/Coach