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Airline industry overview

The airline industry provides air transportation for passengers and cargo globally. 

Commercial aviation may also cover other areas of aviation, such as crop dusting, fighting forest fires, and rescue operations. The airline industry also includes personal, business/executive flights and flight instruction. The subsectors of the airline industry include operations, maintenance, marketing, and finance divisions. 

Most commercial airlines operate according to a schedule, flying regular routes, even if the plane is not full. Airlines are responsible for keeping their planes in the air as much as possible to maximise profits. As a result, they require strong support from partners and suppliers to avoid having aircraft on the ground (AOG) for extended periods. Silmid have been helping keep aircraft in the air for almost 40 years working with world-renowned airlines to small local airlines.

The Silmid difference

Direct supply to Airlines and aircraft operators has been a growing part of Silmid's business. Offering flexible solutions to suit various size airlines and operators including, 

  • Volume contracts 
  • Stock management solutions 
  • Small volumes 
  •  AOG requirements 
  • Online ordering
  • Batch traceability