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Socomore Sealant Removal Equipment

Socomore supply a sealant removal system designed for use with commercialmilitary, fixed and rotary aircraft. The system includes chemical and mechanical solutions for the application and removal of sealants and adhesives. Socomore offer a range of aerospace grade wipes pre-saturated with aerospace approved cleaning solutions to clean and prepare surfaces before and after sealant applications.

Socomore solutions are suitable for use in both OEM and MRO operations.

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Fluted SkyScrapers

These are used to remove cured sealants and adhesives without damaging substrates or painted surfaces. They are available in a range of sizes as well as in either disposable (single use) or re-usable (sharpened with the SkyMill Revolution). SkyScrapers are made from ULTEM (for Airbus aircraft) or POM (for Boeing aircraft).

SkyScraper Seat Track versions are ideal for the removal of sealant and adhesive from seat tracks and again come in ULTEM and POM versions.

When used alongside the SkyTube, these can be extended to high up and difficult to reach places.


The SkyBlade is used where the surface area requiring sealant or adhesive removal is larger than what would be covered by a SkyScraper. These are available in three sizes and two materials (PEEK and ULTEM), and can be reversed to utilise both cutting edges and extend the life. With use alongside the SkyCarrier and/or the SkyExtendable Handle, SkyBlade’s can cover harder to reach areas.



The SkyGrip is an interchangeable rubber grip that helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from prolonged use of SkyScraper and SkyScraper Seat Track tools.

Sealant Application

The Socomore range also has equipment for the smooth application of sealants and adhesives. The SkySpatula is available in two sizes while the SkySpreader is available in both PEEK (rigid) and ULTEM (soft) material.


List of approvals

  • BAE Systems
  • NATO
  • ... and more

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