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Hybrid Syringe Systems 


The patented Semco® hybrid syringe barrels dramatically reduce air-entrapment by eliminating the sharp corners found in most traditional syringes. The radius neck reduces voids or pockets of air created during filling. All barrels are moulded of polypropylene and are manufactured silicone free.


There are three different pistons to meet your application needs: A micro-interference fitting P-piston, a low friction piston (LF), and a non-interference fitting piston (NI). 

The higher the interference, the cleaner the wiping action on the inner diameter of the syringe barrel. However, this increases the potential for air-entrapment. You may want to sample a variety of pistons to find the right product for your material and application. Each piston is moulded from polyethylene and meets the rigid requirements of high tech industries.

Flange Caps

Flange caps are designed to seal the large open end of the syringe, ensuring the piston is contained and that no contaminants come in contact with material during storage and shipment. All hybrid flange caps have a special tamper evident feature. In order to remove the cap, the user must detach the safety seal, which is then used as a pull ring to remove the cap, clearly identifying if the product has been opened.

Tip Caps

Tip caps are used to seal the syringe dispensing tip during storage and shipment. Three different styles are available to fit any Luer Lock or Luer Slip connection. Our patented black spike tip cap has a stem or “spike” that is inserted into the syringe dispensing tip. This helps evacuate air during and after filling. The large flat surface enables the user to store the syringe with the dispensing tip down. This allows any existing air to migrate toward the syringe piston, where it can be easily evacuated.  


Semco® needles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and gauges to suit many applications:

  • ST and STM Series – straight cannula, blunt tip, luer lock fitting
  • TN Series – straight or bent cannula, blunt tip, luer lock fitting, external threading
  • E Series – straight or bent cannula, blunt tip, luer lock fitting, bonded
  • TT Series – maximum flow tips
  • CTLL Series – flexible polyethylene tips
  • T Series (Teflon®) – flexible, lined, crimped tips

Each needle part code is comprised of the Series, Gauge, Length and Bend (if applicable) and can be translated with the following example:

E15-1.0-90 – E Series, 15 Gauge, 1in Length, 90 degree Bend

Adapters and Repair Kits

There are a number of different accessories and parts sold separately to fix general wear and tear and adapt dispensing systems to suit all applications.