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Ultrasonic Couplants

Ultrasonic couplants

Ultrasonic couplants are used in virtually all contact testing applications to facilitate the transmission of sound energy between the transducer and the test piece. 

Through our partner Chemetall, Silmid are able to offer a variety of chemicals suitable for ultrasonic NDT.  

UCA-2M is a bright blue/transparent water based gel with thixotropic properties. This product can be further diluted with water depending on the application. 

UCA 7 is a red/orange ultrasound powder diluted in water prior to application. The powder forms a thixotropic gel that does not run or drip during testing. This product is specifically designed as a highly portable and economical alternative to standard water-based couplants. 

UCA-3 (HT) is a colourless, grease like material. While it does not possess thixotropic properties, its’ physical form ensures it stays in position when applied and does not run or drip. UCA-3 (HT) is ideal for use in high temperatures, from 40°C up to 250°C. 

Product  Colour    Appearance  
UCA-2M  Bright Blue/Transparent  Thixotropic gel 
UCA 7 Red/Orange  Powder 
UCA-3 (HT)   Colourless  Grease consistency